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  • I just have to brag a little bit! We closed out the week at 306 PVs. (Yep, 306 - that's not a typo!!) We saw 18 NPI, with 7 out of 10 starting care. We also did an event last week at the gym, massaged 27 and scheduled 11! Haven't worked the monthly stats yet, but we will definitely have highest ever's all the way around! I love it when everything starts to fall in place! Thank God we have a 3-day weekend to rest up! And Thanks to everyone at CBA - I couldn't have even imagined this without all of your help!

    Dr Jen
  • Things have been going really well for me and my family...(we) have been doing really well since December, doubling the size of our business in less than 4 months, after having hooked up with, BY FAR, the best consulting company I have ever worked with in the past 15 years. We grew so much and so quickly it required us to move into a larger office and I could not be happier with the new location! I absolutely love, love, LOVE our new office! We have been so busy it has been difficult getting everything set up the way we want, but we are making progress and are in the process of hiring office staff. VERY EXCITING! Life is good!

    Dr Rodney
  • I can’t say enough wonderful things about CBA. They helped me through the worst part of being in practice and continue to help me through the best parts (the growing pains of how to handle all the new patients that come into my practice). The workshops are always direct and to the point. I leave those weekends with new tools to implement in order to make the office run smoother and more efficiently. The workshops are fun and we now bring our staff to the workshops and they love it as well because it helps get them understand what we are trying to create in our practice (the big picture and potential for their own jobs to grow and progress). Thank you Chiropractic Business Academy. It is because of you that I am still in practice and not just that, but loving it too!

    Dr Hamilton
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