3 Basic Tips For Converting On Facebook

You did know that more than 2 billion of Earth’s human inhabitants use Facebook, a 17 percent increase from last year?

You also knew that more than 1.1 billion people use Facebook mobile every day, a 23 percent increase from last year. How about this? Nearly 1.8 billion people are active mobile Facebook users, a 21 percent increase from last year. The age category of 25-34 is the highest percentage of users at nearly 30 percent.

There’s no denying it. Facebook is the marketplace for your chiropractic practice. Period.

So how do you market your practice to target that patient pool? What tools do you use to tap into that ever-widening stream of Facebook junkies?

Unlocking Facebook’s Secrets

Here are three powerful tips to get you moving to your final destination, a tremendously successful, leads-heavy practice:

All in the Timing

The first step, obviously, is to post. But when should you post? That’s the question. The timing of posts to reach your patient base is the most important part.

After all, posting about specials at 3 a.m. won’t do your practice a bit of good – a least to a majority of your non-night owl Facebook followers.

The ideal and busiest times to post – Facebook’s rush hour – are 9 .m., noon and a little after 6 p.m. Three times a day. In fact, timed posts are not only valuable but consume comparatively very little of your time. You can schedule a month of posts in an hour or so, depending on how skilled you are on Facebook.

Get with the Theme

Next step: Themed posts. Your patients will love them. You can almost schedule a different theme every day. How about Motivational Mondays for exercise enthusiasts? You can do Thoughtful Tuesdays for the contemplative or charitable-minded? Winning Wednesdays wins in everyone’s books. Friendly Fridays maybe? Or even Fitness Fridays for the athletes or another one of the gymgoers.

The list is only limited by your imagination.

Where Are You?

Matching your address on Facebook posts to Google maps is a gold mine for increasing your rankings. But there’s a caveat. Your address must match exactly – down to the commas, the periods, the abbreviations. One letter off, one abbreviation askew, and you lose the advantage.

Exactly. Word for word. Letter for letter. That’s the secret.

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