4 Tips to Break Away from Having an Average Practice

You may hear your employees whisper: It’s just a job, like any other.

Your chiropractic practice is suffering from so-so. Symptoms include the inevitable yawns at the end of the business day. You get maybe one new patient every week or month. After all, nobody’s really keeping track, right?

The line on your ledger sheet is flat, but goes up ever so slightly. So, you can say your practice is growing, at a whopping 1 or 2 percent. Maybe. The verdict: You’re normal. Worse yet, you’re average.

In the back of your mind, you’re thinking: This is all right. Your practice isn’t declining. It is increasing, you tell yourself. Little by little.

But against the backdrop of a volatile marketplace, potential changes in the industry and other economic uncertainties, normal isn’t good at all. You expect something more.

How do you break away from the pack? How do you step out and rise to the top? How do you move into excellence? How do you experience big growth?

You Got Change?

Some experts may advice you to change your business model, to overhaul your system. Essentially, they’re telling you to toss the baby out with the bathwater.

Wrong advice. The business systems that have maintained your businesses in the past and spurred growth aren’t the culprits.

Changing your business model because you’re not seeing substantial growth requires taking tremendous and unnecessary risk. Your system works. You just have to discover the high octane that will put the supercharge back into your practice.

Doing It Right

Keep in mind that your business system is not fundamentally flawed. You don’t need to replace what’s working – although not at the speed you’d like – with something radically new and different. Business hopping is just as bad for your career as job hopping.

You’ve been running a practice on the sunny side of success, although dusk seems always to loom too uncomfortably close. Don’t overhaul the engine. A good and thorough tune up will suffice.

Your staff is generally skilled, competent and hard working. So, don’t look at juggling staff to energize your practice either. Your business will require some adjustments, some minor staffing shifts or training and reintroducing those old, dusty processes. Don’t try to fix what’s not broken.

Your goal is to clean the chiropractic engine up, replace a few worn parts and pour in the additive.

Rolling Up the Sleeves

Up next: the nuts and bolts. If you haven’t already, implement a system of measuring performance and productivity in every department of your practice. Have the system drill deeper into gauging individual staff members’ performance.

For example, how many calls do you expect your marketers to make? How do you want your front desk staff members to greet entering patients? Then measure it. How many times did they say, “good morning” as opposed to “what do you want?” How many fully completed and correct forms do you want your billers to send to insurers?

Analyze those metrics to learn what’s been successful. And reinforce those areas by setting individual and department goals. You want your staff to aim for targets you set in place. Don’t make any major changes in your practice at this stage. Invest instead in productivity. Celebrate achievement. And reap the benefits.

Fixing the Whole

On the other side, metrics will also tell you where or what areas need help. Find and repair the gaps in productivity. What needs fixing? Why is it not working? Who is responsible?

Let’s say your morning front desk lady snarls too much. Or your biller leaves too early. Or your chiropractic assistant spends too much time socializing with patients.

Address those areas. Bring it to those staff members’ attention and communicate to them your expectations. Little fixes here and there often remove the drag on your practice and allow it to pick up speed.

Solutions to some of your challenges may involves additional training and more communication with new staff members and sometimes long-term employees.

Letting your staff know you’re paying attention and you’ve set your sights on higher goals may be all that’s needed to rev up your practice’s engines.

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