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What is the Chiropractic Business Academy?

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Glad you asked!

The Chiropractic Business Academy is a chiropractic coaching and chiropractic business training company.  We help chiropractors build and strengthen their practices through effective (kick-butt) chiropractic marketing and proven business systems.  It was formed by the reorganization of three already existing, super-successful chiropractic companies which have combined resources for the purpose of offering the chiropractic profession a truly comprehensive practice development and empowering chiropractic coaching resource.

The Chiropractic Business Academy was created by Dr. Eric Huntington, Drs. Bobbee and Jonna Palmer along with Bob Beilhart and his son Austin Beilhart.  Each of the owners has the common strong interest of chiropractic coaching – helping other chiropractors win and each was originally working independently to assist doctors through their own companies and through chiropractic associations.  Now, all of them have combined their companies and their specialized expertise into one chiropractic coaching and mentoring program.  Can you say horsepower??

The Chiropractic Business Academy offers specialized training and chiropractic coaching in the areas of Chiropractic Marketing, Patient Education, Business Administration, Billing/Coding, Compliance, Documentation, Staff Hiring/Training, Finance Management, and Quality Control.  With some of these under your belt, you can really run the office as the CEO because now you have a business, rather than just a clinic.

We are about as UNIQUE as a Chiropractic Coach can be…

The Chiropractic Business Academy is definitely unique.  Since our company is owned and operated by practicing chiropractors we are well aware of what is available in our profession for systems and chiropractic marketing.  How exactly we are unique depends on who you try to compare us too—so here’s just list of those aspects that we think really set us apart in the chiropractic coaching world.

  • We are a training and implementation program, not a seminar based program or one dimensional consulting program.  Our focus is to train our clients so they have the skills needed to build the practice(s) of their dreams.  Each client has these skills for the rest of his life– which is why many of our clients tell their friends that the Chiropractic Business Academy is the last chiropractic management or chiropractic coaching program they will ever need.
  • We train our clients and the staff of the practice.  Well-trained staff is the key to a stable, profitable, and stress free practice.
  • The owners of the Chiropractic Business Academy each are long-time owners of their own chiropractic practices.  It is in these practices that we are able to develop and refine what we teach our clients.  More interesting than that is the fact that all three practices are very large, profitable, staff-run clinics which each finished each year since 2007 with their individual highest ever in gross and net income..every year! So much for a recession, huh?  And yes, we are teaching our clients how we pull this off even in a tough economy!  (note we do not change your technique or philosophy..that is your toolbox to grow and nurture…we are here to put the ‘business’ in your business).
  • Once properly trained, our clients have the knowledge needed to phase out of any aspect of practice they no longer want to do—or open multiple practices!  We have lots of clients with two, three, four or more practices! (And they do not work in them, they work ON them!  Chiropractic coaching is like an athlete having an Olympic coach to help you reach your greatest goals and milestones.)
  • We know chiropractic marketing that can get you as many new patients as you want! Many of our clients get 100+ new patients per month—Dr. Palmer is constantly piloting and releasing innovative, novel chiropractic marketing campaigns and programs to provide for our clients.

Here are what people think of the programs:

We have many years of experience working AS Chiropractors WITH Chiropractors!

The current staff and ownership of The Chiropractic Business Academy is a united team put together from three separate companies which have been consulting chiropractors as far back as 1987.  We have long time clients who have been trained by our team ten years ago or more and are happy to speak with prospective clients about their results using our chiropractic coaching and training programs.

What kind of practices do we help build?

We have helped clients build practices of all kinds.  The reason we can do this is because we understand and can teach chiropractic business basics such as how to get new patients, how to help patients understand your recommendations, how to hire and train staff, how to organize and expand your business using proven workable systems.  Show us a type of chiropractic practice that won’t improve significantly with help in any one of those areas and we will show you a type of chiropractic practice that does not actually exist.

Here is a list of the type of practices that we consult…

  • Family practices
  • Injury practices
  • Sports Practices
  • Chiro Orthopedic Practices
  • Cash Practices
  • Insurance Practices
  • Staff Run Practices
  • Organized Practices
  • Profitable Practices
  • Big Practices
  • Medium Size Practices
  • Small Practices (well, not usually, but if that’s what you want, we’ll help you build it!)
  • (Insert your ideal practice type here)

You see… it does not matter your practice philosophy, technique or style.  You are the doctor.  You determine what kind of practice you want and you determine what care is appropriate for your patient.  At CBA, our chiropractic coaching simply helps you learn and implement solid, proven Chiropractic Business Basics and amazing chiropractic marketing techniques.