Chiropractic Seminars/Workshops – 2015


Come join the Chiropractic Business Academy at our upcoming chiropractic seminars and EXPAND!


Through 2015 we have expanded our cities and even delivering even MORE content and training on chiropractic marketing, generating more corporate clients, internal referral machines and our signature business development series.  Doctors in our program are becoming the executives, or CEOs, that they really needed to be to have a flourishing, expanding BUSINESS rather than just a ‘clinic’.  One side effect of truly delivering a quality needed-and-wanted service in your town is that you also become wealthy…not too bad of a side-effect!

We look forward to showing you the path to prosperity in your practice (REAL practical, hands on advice) and having a sustainable, expanding business that continues to deliver the amazing care you already have.  Just a quick note: the CBA does not show you how to deliver your care, or the type of adjustments…since those are your own signature finesse, artistry and experience delivering care to get results – instead we show you how to flood your office with new patients and how to invite them to participate in your amazing care.

Staff training is offered to all levels of staff so that they can take more responsibility to have their position as a career rather than a ‘job’.  We hope to see you and your staff there!

To reserve a seat at one of our chiropractic seminars, please give us a jingle in advance at 1-888-989-0855.  If you have never experienced our chiropractic seminars before, just call and ask Austin to get you on our guest list at 1-888-772-4476!

2015 CBA Chiropractic Seminars:

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January 16-17 — Tampa, FL
February 20-21 — Orange County, CA
March 20-21 — Philadelphia, PA
April 17-18 — Denver, CO
May 15-16 — Chicago, IL
June 12-13 — Tampa, FL 
July 17-18 — Orange County, CA
August 14-15 — Philadelphia, PA
September 18-19 — Denver, CO
October 16-17 — Chicago, IL
November 6-7 — Atlanta, GA
December 4-5 — Orange County, CA


We look forward to seeing you at our chiropractic seminars!  For more about sustainable chiropractic marketing strategies and chiropractic business systems, see our homepage.