EXPAND With Chiropractic Marketing!

How we will help YOU expand YOUR practice.

First we have to determine if our program is a good fit for you, what type of chiropractic marketing you utilize, what your staff get trained on, etc. We do this by doing an in depth practice potential analysis. This is a FREE service which will TOTALLY help you identify strong points and weak points in your practice. This will also help us see what we can do for you.Chiropractic Marketing
Next, we will actually teach you the same organizational system that we teach our clients. This will not only reveal to you how the different components of a successful chiropractic office come together into a working system but also helps you understand our time-tested strategy of practice building. Oh…this is also free for you, by the way!

We will, of course, answer any and all questions you have about our modern program. We will give you a list of our clients that you can call—and you can candidly ask them questions about what they think about our program and how it helps their practice grow and expand. Also be sure to ask them how it has helped them become the executive in the office.

Now It’s Decision Time!(be sure to check out the videos below!)

Since we are a training and implementation program, we will need to schedule a date to get together in person to begin your training. But even if that date is several weeks we can start helping you right away with phone consulting on those problems or obstacles that are most pressing for you and your practice.

There are certain things we can help you with via phone and there are certain things that must be taught one-on-one. One area we can help you with over the phone is a very effective external and Internal Marketing program. This has proven to bring in 5-10 New Patients/wk. We have a client increase his collections by $20,000 a month just from the internal marketing we taught him over the phone!

Academy Training

When you arrive at our facility you begin our world-famous Academy Training!  This training is done in 2 parts: Theory and Practical. We first tutor you through the mechanics of how and why this material works. Second, we work with you on how to specifically apply it.
The Academy gives you the “how” and the “do”.  We don’t leave you with general ideas, struggling to apply them. Instead, we start you off on the right foot with a foundation of amazing business technology that works EVERY TIME.

Strategic Planning

A consultant will work with you one-on-one to create an exact series of steps for you to execute which will rapidly move you towards your ideal practice.


By attending our monthly workshops you will receive even more content. Workshops cover more marketing, management and other key areas that you need for your expanding practice! You will also learn how Dr. Bobbee Palmer and Dr. Eric Huntington implemented the materials you have studied in their own successful practices.

There are opportunities to attend Workshops covering:

  • How to add implement turn-key chiropractic marketing that generates TONS of new qualifed patients into your office.
  • Exact steps to free yourself up to become the executive in the office.
  • How to set up proper bonus structures to reward staff.
  • The organization needed to comfortably handle 20 New Patients or more a week from effective chiropractic marketing.
  • How to build a complete massage operation and brand within your office.
  • And much, much, muuucchh more…

Follow up

We don’t stop there. Each doctor is given a software program that correctly graphs out their statistics and gives them the correct formulas to apply to them.

We don’t stop there. Each doctor sends in key raw data with their monthly and weekly statistics for us to monitor.

We don’t stop there. We have found that doctors need expert advice on how to successfully implement each step of their strategic plan. This is why you speak with a consultant every week. His title is the Quality Control consultant. We measure the quality and efficacy of our program based on YOU reaching your goals.

We don’t stop there. The owners cull through to review clients progress to make sure we are delivering the results that we promise!.

We don’t stop there…

Your First Target

Since each practice is unique and has specific strengths and weaknesses, your initial targets and goals may be different than the next client. However, we do have some benchmarks that we use as a guide such as:

  • 10-15 new patients per week (or more if you want!)
  • Steadily increasing patient visits week to week
  • Client competent in Patient Education and experiencing improving care acceptance rate each month. (The percentage of acceptance will depend on how much outside marketing is being done as opposed to dealing with referred patients only.)
  • Increasing financial viability towards maximizing net profit. This includes our experience to help maximize your bottom line with the proper balance of staff inline with your current office scene.
  • Receptionist trained and very competent at handling all functions of the reception post—including handling phone calls, scheduling new and existing patients, directing people to appropriate areas of office upon their arrival, reactivating inactive patients, proper reception administration, and much more.
  • Client feeling excited because he can see that his training is working and that the systems going in place are lessening the confusion in the practice allowing for expansion to occur.

There is actually a lot more to this program that what I have briefly described here. Give us a call at 1-888-989-0855, ask some off-the-cuff questions and we will explain our process in detail to you!

More New Patients!

Most doctors have one or two means of acquiring New Patients.

We have more than 30 ways to bring in New Patients. We sit down with each doctor individually to discover which Chiropractic Marketing Programs he would be most willing to implement. Then we begin training him and his staff on them. In most cases, the Doctor’s staff is the one who implements our Chiropractic Marketing. This allows the Doctor to best utilize his time to manage the practice growth.

An example of this: At our last Workshop we trained about 100 individuals on One Marketing Program. Here’s Jin Li’s success: I took my two marketing staff home and they said, “We’re ready to start!” So, they went out and applied the marketing and we had 6 New Patients on Tuesday. So, in just 3 days and without any scheduled Events we collected $30,000 by Thursday directly from this New Chiropractic Marketing! This was very easy marketing. It was not a Screening, Health Surveys, working gym’s or lectures. My staff simply went out for 2 days and we boomed! We collected $37,000 Cash that week and we expect to keep on rockin!

We help our clients create New Patient flows into their offices. Using our systems our clients can consistently bring in 80-100 New Patients each and every month. These chiropractic marketing programs consist of Internal as well as external. One client routinely sees over 50 New Patients each and every month through Internal Chiropractic Marketing. Anyone can learn and apply this simple Internal System. We have amazing reactivation programs! Our external marketing systems range from Corporate, Small Businesses and direct public contact. Watch our videos to get an idea! See how one doctor got in 10 New Patients with just one of our Marketing Programs!

We have another very hot Marketing Program called The Corporate Event!

One Doctor recently put it to use in his practice and immediately got in 10 very high quality patients- $30,000. This just happened in June, 2009! The doctor didn’t have to go the Corporations. He didn’t have to give a Lecture. The staff were trained exactly how to do it and they did it! Fantastic results from our New Chiropractic Marketing Programs!

Executive Fundamentals…Tailored to YOU

Every single chiropractor that we train with is unique and each has specific strengths and specific weaknesses. Our program involves a lot of one-on-one guidance that is tailored to meet the needs of the individual owner-doctor. We have found that there are VERY SPECIFIC business fundamentals that MUST be in place in order for any chiropractic office, or any healthcare business for that matter, to be very successful most chiropractors do not know nor apply these fundamentals.

Executive Training

Most of us realize we have self imposed ceilings in our practices. This is usually caused by limited training of the doctors staff and by the limited Executive training of the doctor. Once we train the Doctor to be an Executive then we Apprentice him so he correctly applies the tools he now learned. When this occurs there is tremendous expansion, profits and bonuses to go all around to reward everyone’s hard work! There is nothing like rewards to encourage one and all to keep up the pace of expansion! Morale is very high and it’s fun again!

Earn More Money

It is essential for every Business Owner to know first hand how to manage their money.

There are exact formulas and guidelines to follow when working out the viability of each practice. There are key points to look at depending on the volume wants to manage.

They are: 60 – 100 PV/Wk. 100- 150 PV/wk. 170-220 PV/wk. 250- 300 PV/wk. 350+ PV/wk.

The Owner’s of the Chiropractic Business Academy have very successful Offices. We know exactly what it will take to help you be profitable. We can say that because we are in practice now. We are dealing with the current economy as you. We are expanding. We want each and every Chiropractor to have the same success. We want the same financial growth for you!

“My practice is stable at over 200 PV/wk with well trained staff. I am so glad I don’t have to worry about money like some of my fellow chiropractors are now. We have very good control over our finances and are quite solvent.” — SW

How Do I Train Staff?

That’s easy. We do it for you. We guide you when it is the right time to look for a new employee. We direct you in successful ways to get applicants and then tools to choose the right one. After that it just flows. The Doctor has the employee work for a period of itme to determine that the person can contribute to the practice. Then, the Doctor sends the employee to us for advanced training. Then an apprenticeship is completed. We re-train the staff as needed to keep them up to date on how to get things done.

Success: “I love it. I just follow their guidelines. They train my staff for me. After they trained my Receptionist my patients keep on track with their care. Last week we had a Patient Educator trained and she was able to immediately do her job. This is so easy for us. We never imagined there was this help out there. I wish we started with them right out of school. We’re having lots of fun helping people and expanding!. We are making great friends here.” PL

What are you waiting for? Take 5 and give any of us a jingle and pick our brains!



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