The FOUR BUSINESS MODELS of Chiropractic Practice

The FOUR BUSINESS MODELS of Chiropractic Practice

Chiropractic Efficiency Chiropractic Expansion

Which Type is Yours?

Disclaimer :  I am not here to say one is better than the other. 

My goal in one of these videos is to show you how to understand your desired model so you can MASTER Your Chiropractic BUSINESS.

The result??  When you can focus your GAME PLAN – you get to your desired “End Game” much easier and MUCH FASTER…whether that is a retirement nest egg…more vacation time…or to pass your practice down to your kids…whatever it may be!…

Choose Your Desired Business Model below (click to play):

TYPE NUMBER ONE: The Chiropractic Owner-Executive 

>>>  For more details on the capacity limits of each practice type, as well as the typical income from each type – check out the article: How Much Income Should a Chiropractor Earn

TYPE NUMBER TWO: The Chiropractic Owner-Manager 

By understanding the ROLES you want to be doing on a day-to-day basis, you will be able to then identify your model’s “ceiling” for capacity and production (as there is a lot requiring YOU!).  As the entrepreneur (yes – YOU) you as the executive have the ability to bring on staff to free yourself  up in some of these roles.  That truly allows you to put your attention on Expansion to that capacity.

The decision is yours to make – how big do you want to go?….how much time do you want to spend inside the practice?

TYPE NUMBER THREE: The Low-Overhead/Low-Staffing Model


We hope you found these videos useful.  Knowing these different types would have been PRICELESS coming out of chiropractic college as we could have simply forwarded through the typical barriers to practice growth by knowing what the business model DESIGN could be!

The Chiropractic Business Academy (CBA) trains chiropractors to build profitable staff driven offices.  CBA does this by training the owner and staff, and providing ALL the administrative, marketing and sales tools needed to build profitable practices.

Chiropractic Management Success Story

Chiropractic Management Success Story

Chiropractic Efficiency Chiropractic Expansion Chiropractic Seminars Chiropractic Training

Chiropractic Management Success Story

Successes from our In-Office Delivery

At CBA we focus on Chiropractic expansion, proper organization is key to this.  One of the ways we accomplish this is through our  week of in-office training and implementation to help your staff work together as a cohesive group to get production done and help more people.  Here are some wonderful testimonials from a few of the staff of just one of the offices we have done In-Office delivery for.

“I have learned so much in these couple of days that I can apply not only to my job, but life in general.  All of the principles that were covered can easily be applied to any situation.  I think that this course will definitely help my current job position in order to help me get more oranized and get work done more efficiently and in the ling run will help the company that I work for grow and expand.  I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who wants to do better in their job and life. Thanks CBA!

Stephanie, Dr. B.K.’s Office, NC

“I truly enjoyed all that was taught here this weekend.  We had a great coach.  Eric really helped us to learn how to wear our hats in the company.  We learned how to be more efficient with our work and being more organized and using our organizing board. I learned the responsibilities of my valuable final product and how to gain control over my station.  I learned how to show great morale in a company and when to use proper ethics.  I learned how to use proper judgement and to always utilize my memos when I do not understand certain things.  I learned that my appearance is key in a company and to always smile and keep a high level of professionalism.  All in all it was a great experience and I had a great time!”

Patricia, Dr. B.K’s Office, NC

“Eric brought a lot of powerful knowledge to our office this weekend.  He provided us with the knowledge and tools to make our office even better than it already is.”

“Implementing the training that we received this weekend will allow us to become more organized, efficient and boost the morale of our staff. Thanks Eric and CBA”

-Sherri, Dr. B.K.’s Office, NC

“I am very thankful for being a part of the training provided by CBA. I believe I am better prepared professionally for every aspect of my life.  Many of the points of this course can be applied both at home and the workplace. I also feel I learned a little more about myself during this course.  And that may be the greatest thing I received from this course. I learned that no matter what your rank you can be a leader whether you lead a corporation or if you’re a leader of yourself.  Furthermore, I learned more about in the practice, how to function as a cohesive unit.  We are an even more well-oiled machine.  I have a greater sense of responsibility of and for myself and just how important I can be to not only my department, but the practice as a whole even at home.  Again, I am thankful for all the wealth of knowledge and leadership training I gained in this course. The future is bright!”

Stephen, Dr. B.K.’s Office, NC


The Chiropractic Business Academy is your source for effective chiropractic marketing, business development (think entrepreneur!), chiropractic seminars, and now: chiropractic products!