Chiropractic Management Success Story

Chiropractic Management Success Story

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Chiropractic Management Success Story

Successes from our In-Office Delivery

At CBA we focus on Chiropractic expansion, proper organization is key to this.  One of the ways we accomplish this is through our  week of in-office training and implementation to help your staff work together as a cohesive group to get production done and help more people.  Here are some wonderful testimonials from a few of the staff of just one of the offices we have done In-Office delivery for.

“I have learned so much in these couple of days that I can apply not only to my job, but life in general.  All of the principles that were covered can easily be applied to any situation.  I think that this course will definitely help my current job position in order to help me get more oranized and get work done more efficiently and in the ling run will help the company that I work for grow and expand.  I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who wants to do better in their job and life. Thanks CBA!

Stephanie, Dr. B.K.’s Office, NC

“I truly enjoyed all that was taught here this weekend.  We had a great coach.  Eric really helped us to learn how to wear our hats in the company.  We learned how to be more efficient with our work and being more organized and using our organizing board. I learned the responsibilities of my valuable final product and how to gain control over my station.  I learned how to show great morale in a company and when to use proper ethics.  I learned how to use proper judgement and to always utilize my memos when I do not understand certain things.  I learned that my appearance is key in a company and to always smile and keep a high level of professionalism.  All in all it was a great experience and I had a great time!”

Patricia, Dr. B.K’s Office, NC

“Eric brought a lot of powerful knowledge to our office this weekend.  He provided us with the knowledge and tools to make our office even better than it already is.”

“Implementing the training that we received this weekend will allow us to become more organized, efficient and boost the morale of our staff. Thanks Eric and CBA”

-Sherri, Dr. B.K.’s Office, NC

“I am very thankful for being a part of the training provided by CBA. I believe I am better prepared professionally for every aspect of my life.  Many of the points of this course can be applied both at home and the workplace. I also feel I learned a little more about myself during this course.  And that may be the greatest thing I received from this course. I learned that no matter what your rank you can be a leader whether you lead a corporation or if you’re a leader of yourself.  Furthermore, I learned more about in the practice, how to function as a cohesive unit.  We are an even more well-oiled machine.  I have a greater sense of responsibility of and for myself and just how important I can be to not only my department, but the practice as a whole even at home.  Again, I am thankful for all the wealth of knowledge and leadership training I gained in this course. The future is bright!”

Stephen, Dr. B.K.’s Office, NC


The Chiropractic Business Academy is your source for effective chiropractic marketing, business development (think entrepreneur!), chiropractic seminars, and now: chiropractic products!

Masterminding Chiropractic Marketing at Surf Camp!

Masterminding Chiropractic Marketing at Surf Camp!

Chiropractic Expansion Chiropractic Seminars Chiropractic Training

Chiropractic Marketing and Business Mastermind!

Costa Rica Chiropractic Surf Camp

This past September, 24 Chiropractors joined us for the 1st annual Chiropractic Marketing and Business Mastermind (yea, okay, it was a surf camp!)


chiropractic marketing surf camp


If you didn’t hear, there was a big earthquake in Costa Rica while we were there.  We took this picture to let everyone know we were all alive and well.  We look great don’t we?!

The days were filled with fun and lots of surfing.  It just so happens that we came when the swells were big from a prior storm off the coast(sorry newbies!) but everyone took it on in style.  By the end of the week everyone was able to stand up on their boards and actually surf! HECK YES! There were tons of thrilling and leisurely activities going on.  Groups of doctors were zip lining, four wheeling and getting relaxing massages on the beach.  And if you just wanted to hang out, there was always a group at the pool kickin’ back. Don’t you wish you were there?!

The nights were full of intense, work your butt off masterminding on chiropractic marketing, working out personal and business ideal scenes, how to get to next year’s goals and overall business expansion.   Everyone was working as a team to confront and handle any stops and barriers to their office expansion!  I think this made them sweat as much as taking on those big waves. Yikes!  All in all, they had as much fun and excitement hammering out their business expansion as they did during the day’s fun filled activities! HOORAY!

chiro marketing surf camp
















Here is one of our doctors ready to take on the waves of Costa Rica!  He is a natural, by the end of the week we saw him doing head stands on his board as he was riding it in! CRAZY!

This was such a hit that we already have doctors signing up for next years Surf Camp/Business Seminar! For all you snow lovers look out for our Ski Camp coming to Utah this winter!

Signing off another fantastic week here at CBA!

Yours in Expansion,

CBA Team


The Chiropractic Business Academy is your source for effective chiropractic marketing, business development (think entrepreneur!), chiropractic seminars, and now: chiropractic products!