Chiropractic Internet Marketing Bootcamp

Chiropractic Internet Marketing

Announcing the 2012 Dates for the CBA’s INTERNET DOMINATION BOOTCAMPS

chiropractic internet marketing

What Is This All About?  If you want to get new patients from the internet, and we mean LOTS of them (lots more than you are currently getting), then you DO NOT need to hire somebody for $500/month, you do not need to create a ton of new websites….all you need to do is our WEEKEND WORKSHOP.

You DO NOT NEED TO BE A GEEK, NERD, SUPERMODEL, Etc…  The only requirements are: you can sort-of type, you have a website, you have a laptop with wireless access (we supply the internet), and a free weekend.  For more details, be sure to click the image above as we have a seperate website for you to check it out – seating is EXTREMELY LIMITED as we personally ensure that each attendee is taken care of and totally is able to implement what we go over RIGHT THERE!  (who wants more new patients from the internet??  Yeah!)




Ready to massively expand on your chiropractic marketing?

Join us for a fun (actually quite intensive) weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona for the 3rd semi-anuual Chiropractic Internet Marketing Bootcamp!  The Fall Internet Marketing Bootcamp with take place in beautiful downtown Scottsdale on November 4th and 5th.  EXTREMELY limited seating as this is a small interactive group where you will actually DO nearly all of the components of internet marketing right then under our close guidance and support.

How many people do you bring in from the internet each week?

To check availability, contact CBA today and ask for JinLi…1-888-989-0855.





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Chiropractic Marketing

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