What did you learn about Chiropractic Marketing and Business in Chiropractic School?

  • Like many of you, most of us are learning what counts AFTER graduation. Especially when it comes to chiropractic marketing and managing staff!

Rock-Solid, Stable Business and Chiropractic Marketing Systems

Your office must have a rock-solid set of business systems and kick-butt chiropractic marketing in order for it, and you, to flourish and prosper. At the Chiropractic Business Academy, we are proud to know that what we teach works. We know this because we are owners of highly-successful chiropractic offices now, not a decade ago! We are here to apprentice you with our step-by-step business methods and chiropractic marketing techniques that are guaranteed to increase profit, stability and integrity. How often do you hear those words said in the same sentence?

Welcome to the Marketing and Business World of Chiropractic

Every chiropractor that we train with is unique and each has specific strengths and specific weaknesses. For this reason, our program involves a lot of one-on-one guidance that is tailored to meet the needs of the individual owner-doctor. We have found that there are VERY SPECIFIC business fundamentals and core marketing essentials that MUST be in place in order for any chiropractic office, or any healthcare business for that matter, to be very successfulmost chiropractors do not know nor apply these fundamentals..let alone basic chiropractic marketing strategies.

Our job is to ensure that you know and apply these business fundamentals for the purpose of building your ideal practice. Our knowledge of business and chiropractic practice building combined with the hard work you are already doing, will equal more practice success for you:



A New Way to Learn

The Chiropractic Business Academy is not an actual school, nor is it your typical raz-a-ma-taz weekend seminar…it is basically the business skills and chiropractic marketing apprenticeship you never got!

What are your staff doing? How would your life be different if you staff actually ran the office? Seem like a dream? Well, its not that far out there! Our chiropractic marketing and chiropractic business systems help you create actual career paths for staff, who, in turn, take on the responsibility to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT!

Listen to what others have to say about the Academy:

What’s the Catch?

Have you ever wondered what is stopping you from achieving your goals, whether it’s chiropractic marketing for getting more new patients, hitting a certain income, or creating the practice of your dreams? Well, having worked for many years with thousands of chiropractors and their staff, it’s become apparent that the only person who can limit your growth is YOU!

The only thing between you and your ideal practice is knowledge. WE KNOW THIS BECAUSE YOU ARE CAPABLE AND YOU ARE PERSISTENT. You made it through countless obstacles just to have the privilege of being a doctor of chiropractic didn’t you? We know that with the proper training and apprenticing in specific areas, YOU CAN DO IT!

In fact, anyone can do it, as long as one is willing to learn and apply what one has learned.

So the catch is…you have to actually let us know that you need or want help! Call us and tell us about your ideal practice scene and we will let you know if we can help you get there!

Getting Excited? Then keep reading as we have A LOT to share with you.

When you call us, some of the things to be prepared for are:

  • We are not here to procure every doctor of chiropractic as a client…we only want to work with the guys who are ready to go big and implement solid business and chiropractic marketing systems into their office…this might be only about 1% of the profession;
  • We are really good at what we do (not to toot our own horn, but we do pride ourselves on making a difference in chiropractic!), and you can ask any of the doctors we work with as they have seen the classic “night-and-day” difference of having genuine, foundational marketing programs and business systems in their offices; and
  • We do not try to change nor endorse any specific adjusting technique, methods of analysis, or treatment styles…we are here to put the business behind YOUR style. (and help you get ALOT of chiropractic new patients through our effective chiropractic marketing too!)