Constructing Your Practice To Handle 15+ New Patients Weekly

Putting Your Marketing Machine in Place.

            This is the first in a series of short articles on marketing your practice and how to increase new patient flow through your doors.

Most Doctors start their practices with skills they learned from school, and as they practice, these skills improve to a degree of excellence.  But at the same time, their office and practice management and qualified New Patients In (NPI) stays the same or grows slowly, barely keeping up with the overhead. This reality doesn’t align with the life dreamed about in school.  How does this square with the flourishing practices in the area that you read about and have observed yourself?

Any Doctor, anywhere, can make a practice boom.  It is just a matter of learning how, starting with the basics. CBA has rolled out the roadmap to a flourishing, profitable, stellar practice, head and shoulders above the competition.

What are these basics?

There is that word, marketing, that you may know a little about but just haven’t had time to explore and apply. You know that is the answer, the key to the kingdom, but you don’t know where to begin.  This article will give you some of the basics that you can immediately put into practice that will give you the answers if you follow the dots precisely and continue after you get these procedures down pat. But the best way to make your practice take a rocket ride to your cherished dream is to have someone who has already done this again and again mentor you (ie call CBA) and within an astonishingly brief time, you will be on the road to that dream.

Constructing Your Marketing

            This article will take you over the steps it takes to make your practice grow. There are three basic concepts that must be in place:

  1. You need to know how to predict your future inflow and thus your viability by knowing how to effectively get NPI through the door and keep them happy and referring others.
  2. Calculation of the minimal amount of events and activity needed to grow.
  3. The physical specifications of your office to operate at this level.
    1. There must be dedicated room(s) to conduct your exams and treatment…as well as a space dedicated to the marketing orchestration.
    2. There must be a marketing plan in place.
    3. There must be a marketing time set aside that you (or your staff) follow without fail.
    4. There must be rock solid marketing strategy routines that must be kept religiously every week.

How do you go about doing these things?

First it is vital that you know the minimum number of NPI that it takes to simply float your practice? Next, you need to know how many NPI it will take for you to achieve your goal of income to accommodate growth and the size and type of practice you want.

Here is an ingenious method of calculating this, and a means of drawing a “line in the sand” that is the demarcation for these vital, must know data to first survive, and then to thrive. Marketing Manifesto is a publication that can be found on This is a “patient calculator.”

This calculator is very simple to use.  You need first to know (or take an educated guess on) how many STARTS on your average careplan PER WEEK it would take to keep your office just above water, barely surviving.  With that number in hand – plug it into the calculator.  Next, place into the calculator the percentage of patients starting from your current Report of Findings (ROF).  The calculator already has built within it an understanding that the typical office will have 90% of people who came in for an exam, return for their ROF. 

Knowing these numbers above, the calculator will tell you how many Initial Office Visits (Day1/Exam) you need to have SCHEDULED each week.  Depending on your Day1 show percentage, these numbers can be VERY surprising!  In playing with those numbers you will discover with a slightly higher percentage of ROF starts, you may need a lower number of prospective patients scheduled.  And likewise, if your start percentage is lower, you will need a lot more Day1s on the books. Go to the calculator and figure your future right there.  The truth is right there before you to easily see what you must do. You can play with it and it will shine the light on your road ahead as what is necessary to move forward in constructing your practice through savvy marketing.  Now you know what we call the marketing “Line in the Sand” that you must surpass to thrive.

Where do we get people? (NPI)

You are going to be amazed at the sources of NPI right under your nose that you may have never realized.  CBA is continually reinventing chiropractic marketing and has seen it all (literally). This is our passion!  What you are about to read is a summary of a few things you should consider.


Think of each source/avenue of new patients as a Lego, and the total of the construction Legos pieces being the marketing plan as a whole. The goal is to have a Lego house that is an efficient machine which works by each piece being independently successful.  This collectively provides a diversity of new patients which insulates your practice from changes in the effectiveness of any one lego.  In other words, separately the pieces are explosive enough, but together they are efficiently dynamite that will blow all barriers, opening the road to an inflow of NPI beyond all expectation.

In the second installment in this series, you will learn about the Marketing Hierarchy, or four levels of prioritized activity that you can do. These range from those actions that produce the best results and highest caliber NPI, scaled down to grass roots actions that take more energy and effort yet, yet always provide results (but not as efficiently as those in the top category).