How Much Income Do You Want To Earn In 2015?

Check out the results from the Chiropractic Economics income survey below to see what some of your peers, on the average, have been producing/collecting:

Source: ChiroEconomics Magazine, May 2013

This might be acceptable if you are fresh out of chiropractic college and don’t have a home/mortgage, car, kids, college loan payment (AND a college fund for your kids), retirement accounts, life insurance, etc.


Don’t get me wrong –> I am not here to insult anyone who is happy and completely satisfied at that level of remuneration/compensation.


What I would like to point out to you is this truism: that the BIGGEST LIMITATION in any chiropractic office is… probably are already guessing it!  ------>


The results speak for themselves - and are actually frightening for the degree of training we all hold.


Chiropractors are directly caring for patients 32 hours per week (add in hours for marketing, office management, future planning, employee training, billing/reconciliation, do you clean the office??, etc...) - so probably well over 40 hours for the running, serving and creating on the growth of their practices.


One thing I know for sure: we chiropractors are industrious!  We work hard and know that with long hours, we will get the job done.


Yet for the degree of work that we are doing, the average income the chiropractor took home was $128,000.



Not randomly – but a steady and consistent flow of new patients each week.

Once you have that – then there are plenty of ‘other’, higher-caliber problems, such as needing more office space, expanding your team, office parking spaces, paying more taxes…yea – these are great ‘NEW’ problems to have.

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