Why your staff is THE key to long-term success

Why your staff is THE key to long-term success

“An organization consists of coordinated purposes, lines and terminals.  That is all it consists of.” Think about that.  Terminals are the human beings, the only physical part of any organization, the rest are the purposes that the organization has to exist, and the intangible lines are the established paths or routes that communication takes place between terminals in any organization. That is the description of any organization that has ever existed, whether it be a family of 3 or an entire nation or group of nations.  How does your office organization stack up. There is an organizing board that is available at CBA to show how to set up these lines so that you can never have confusion in who answers to whom who is responsible for whom in any organization.

This leads us to another definition of power that you can see take place on any organization’s purposes, lines and terminals in determining its position of power:  “Power is determined by “speed of particle flow.” L Ron Hubbard.

What is particle flow?  McDonalds is in power if you look at the number of hamburgers flowing out of that window every hour.  Hamburgers are particles.  Laid bricks are particles to a bricklayer.  That is how many perfect bricks can a bricklayer lay in an hour?  How many patients can you see and treat well in an hour, a day or week? You must decide upon the optimum number of patients you can see in a day.  Patients are not hamburgers or bricks, but are human beings who have come to you for help healing their problems. They are sensitive beings, and wanted to be treated with honor and respect, as they are entitled to it.

Determine, with only the concern of the patient and not how much money you can make by how many patients you can run through in an hour. Truly look at how many can you treat properly and professionally in a day?  Remember, to maintain your client base happily, you have to spend time with each one and listen to what they have to say and acknowledge theme that you hear and understand them. One of the great complaints in healthcare is that doctors don’t spend enough time, and don’t listen. Find the perfect balance and render great service, granting each patient a little share of you, making sure you understand what they have to say. Here you can determine, not just by statistics of numbers of patients seen, but how satisfied are they. That is very intangible, but if you have them write success stories of their treatment by you, and the results, you can determine if you are giving enough time, or too much, per patient. You will arrive at an optimal number.

Now that you have your office buzzing, how to you keep it going in high gear?  You will have to hire more personnel to handle extra tasks, but the ideal scene is to have an integrated practice with your chiropractic skills and a licensed medical doctor on board with the aim of having a fully integrated practice with a medical doctor, physical therapist, naturopath, nutritionist, physical trainer, acupuncturist, all on board under one roof.

Get out in the community and make yourself known. Find out who the opinion leaders in your community are, get to know them, and find out what the community needs and wants and provide that.  Join clubs, go to churches, attend functions, games, high school activities, be a part of the community, even run for office. Give some free services, and most of all volunteer to help people in some way outside of your office with the idea in mind that you are there to help, not just PR yourself. As a pillar of the community you will become a opinion leader, trusted and consulted on any manner of matters from health to political. You will have power that will allow you to grow to fulfill any dream you have. 

Now you have the basics of how to get your practice into a state of power, and keep it there. Statistically, the definition of power would be stats that have moved into a high range and held there week after week.  This definition can be applied to anything, any activity, any position, anything that involves life and any of its parts.

It is easy to determine the state, or the condition that one is in when evaluating the position in business.  One assigns himself, or a staff member, a statistic.  For example. A Doctor would assign a personal stat of numbers of patients seen, number of new patients in office, or gross income. It is a measure of performance and a state or condition of being. A stat can be assigned to any activity or state of being in life. What is your condition as a spouse, parent, student, or state of health, sports wins, number of fish caught.

In your practice, the graph that is drawn up to reflect the stats shows at a glance to one who understands how to read them, the state one’s condition is in, and gives information as to how that post is doing. If it is steadily climbing on an angle, you know that things are going well. If they are dropping, something must be done to fix it and if it keep dropping that indicates something must be done immediately to what is going wrong. It is a measure of the state of health of your office, and thus your practice, for each stat given by each staff member is symbolic of the health of that post and each post is important and vital to your survival.

What do you do if the stat drops once, twice? What if it just stays level, with no change? What if it jumps up and down like a roller coaster, is on a slight rise, a sharp rise, a long extended rise of, say 45 degrees?  Then if it rises far to the top of the graph and hangs there at that high level. That is a power graph.

CBA has courses that show how to assign stats to staff members, how to plot them on a graph, what they mean, and what to do in every case.  There are formulas that will show you how to use stats to run your office, and how to take a declining or low state and bring it up.  So what do you do if the graph is in high power.  One thing you do NOT do is change anything. You got there by doing something right—just keep on doing the same thing and you will retain the power.

Statistics is just one of the tools taught at CBA that can send your practice soaring. As an executive, you will be able to read the graphs and see at a glance how your practice is doing. Some run their businesses remotely solely by relying on graphs, taking action depending on the angle of the graph. They are a reliable gauge of the condition of your practice at any time.


One can be in power on his post, whatever the post is in life. Following the points in this series of blogs would put one into that high roost that is occupied by only a small percentage of the population. It is properly named—POWER!  That is precisely what it is. In these articles, here are the points emphasized in sequence:

  • Write down your ideal scene in detail. Visualize every part of the end product of your dream.
  • Write down your goal in detail, giving the reasons for the goal.
  • Phase 1, training your staff single handedly. Phase II Having the staff, now trained to do the work.
  • Give your staff stats for their individual posts
  • Give staff titles and rank, make them part of the battle plan
  • Keep up to date on your practice.
  • Train and delegate. No single handing—let staff do the work—do not micromanage
  • Do not be busy handling office work—be the professional you are and do your practice
  • Inter office activities such a muster, office meetings,
  • Get close to the staff and make sure it is a tight knit team.
  • The necessity of knowing that power is also determined by speed of particle flow
  • Get out in the community and make yourself known.

Following this sequence of action, as in following the dots, and continuing to do all of these actions as you move on up, and you will find yourself in the rarified air of only a small percentage of doctors.  You will be a winner!