Now You Have The Ideal New Hire — What Now?

You have a new employee who is coming in for the first day. He or she just the perfect fit for the job you need to fill.  Now comes the hard part.  What do you do to make sure that he or she performs?

This is where the rubber meets the road in any work environment, and it is up to you to assure this new asset is doing what your business needs and wants.

It is a known fact that the whole reason for lack of prosperity of an org is INTERNAL.  Thus, if a business, office, plant, corporation, or government is so well established so that each employee is doing his or her exact function, stats will go up and the organization will prosper because it has been handled internally. Keeping this in mind, how do you do this?

It begins at the beginning.  Many bosses direct the new employee to the job site, whether it be at a desk, an art gallery, or to the new lathe in the workshop, and says, “OK, have at it,” or “good luck!” That is an invitation to disaster, which will soon happen.

How does this new person learn what do to?  Where is the bathroom? You must take responsibility that they don’t waste time becoming productive and making you money.  Remember that most new employees are nervous as a cat on that first day, and sometimes they may panic. You should make them feel so welcome and so valuable that the first day on the job should be a memorable and pleasurable experience.  They always remember that first day. Make it good one, and you will have a happy and valuable new member of your team. Make them feel welcome.

The first step is simple:  Orientation.  What does your new hire need to know?  Remember that they don’t know what they don’t know. They are completely unaware. What you do now could determine how they perform for you in the future.

You should have an orientation check list that covers all of the basics.


  • Walkabout the entire office space, to know where everything is – –  the bathroom, the kitchen, the coffee machine, the copy and supply room.  Have them touch things explaining this is an ancient familiarization process with a new environment. It is amazing how this simple act connects people to the things in a new location. This applies to every imaginable enterprise.
  • Employment information:  opening and closing time, vacations, holidays, office policies regarding birthdays, holidays, vacations, sick leave, pregnancy leave, insurance coverages, taxes, deductions, schedules, targets, bonuses, office meetings.
  • Introduce them to every employee, explaining their function and have the older employees telling a bit about themselves, their job, and sincerely giving the new guy a sound and sincere welcome. Have them tell what they need and want from the new hire.
  • Goals, purposes and products of the office, and the concept of the ideal scene as to production. And the same for the new hire, so they understand their job and what is expected, as well as what stats apply to their post.
  • Explain about stats and conditions; how to count and chart them, and what each one means as to past production and steps to improve future production.
  • Assign a “buddy” to help the new guy feel more comfortable, and to groove him or her in.
  • “Shadow” a senior for a day, learning by observation and even hands on, for as long as it takes until the new hire become adept and able to do a good job without help.
  • Explain the necessity and value of communication between themselves, the staff, the patients, and the power of listening and acknowledgement.
  • Any other element or factor that is important to your office and their job, as each office and location is unique and has different needs. The above listed areas are fundamental and applicable to any new employee in any work environment.

You are looked upon as the leader, and you need to gain their respect and even admiration so that they will knock themselves out for you. Training them to become experts at their jobs is assurance for the owner that everyone will survive and do better in work and in life, and that is what it is all about.  Get them producing and winning, for we know that production is the basis of morale. They will love you for it. Work should be fun, and if you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong.

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New Hire Orientation Checklist