The Power of Combining Hats

Patients probably don’t worry about what hats to wear to your chiropractic waiting room. The hats, obviously, should come off before treatment.

But it’s not necessarily the hats worn by patients that’s so important to running successful practices. It’s the hats worn by chiropractors. And in many chiropractic clinics, at least one very important one has gone missing for some time.

By hats we mean roles or functions. Hats are the titles chiropractors hold and relate to the duties they perform.

Running a successful practice requires wearing two hats: the chiropractic tech hat and the chiropractic business hat. Without the tech hat, you simply can’t run a clinic – legally. Without a business hat, you’re going to be hobbling – and in bad need of a business realignment.

Two good, strong legs, and you walk smoothly and briskly. Two knowledgeable hats at your chiropractic company, and you operate smoothly and briskly. So, what’s it take to get the proper hats, where do you find them and how do you use them?

Taking Steps to a Healthy Business

First step: The chiropractic tech hat. This is the obvious one. After all, you’ve invested years of your life sewing and stitching this hat together. The tech hat encompasses the knowledge, the skills and the training that are required to administer chiropractic treatment.

Second step: The chiropractic business hat. This is less obvious and often neglected, but equally vital (maybe even more so) for chiropractic success. After all, to state the obvious, a chiropractic business is both chiropractic and business. This hat entails the knowledge and the skills to build and manage your practice.

Two hats. Each equally important. But one has been conspicuously absent from most practices for years. While chiropractors have excelled at providing superior service to patients and helping to steer the direction of the holistic healthcare discussion, the business side of the profession has languished. For many practice owners, the idea of chiropractic business seems an unfortunate and inconvenient merging of two unrelated words.

The truth, however, is evident in the number of struggling chiropractors who can’t seem to get ahead. While conventional medicine thrives, the chiropractic business model staggers as chiropractors grapple to find their footing in an unsteady marketplace.

Take a look at your own practice and how it works on the chiropractic side. You evaluate patients thoroughly. You ask questions, you perform diagnostics to determine the best course of treatment. If your patient needs care, you provide it. And the patient walks away healed or with a plan of action for recovery.

Now take a look at your business and use the same tools to make an evaluation. If it’s healthy, you don’t need to administer treatment. If it’s ailing or sickly, you need to initiate a recovery action plan. You can’t continue to ignore the problem. That is, after all, the advice you’d give your patients, right?

Undergoing Extensive Business Treatment

The first step to good business health is asking yourself a series of questions to gauge your current condition. As with some patient evaluations, the questions might feel uncomfortable or difficult to answer. But an honest assessment will help determine the level of care you will need to build a strong, efficient practice that can grow and help patients.

Here you go. Sit back. Relax and take a look at these questions, a kind of initial evaluation prior to developing a treatment plan:

  1. Can you take two weeks of vacation without disrupting your practice or your income?
  2. Does your practice provide all the services you believe your patients need or do you cut financial corners?
  3. Do you have adequate cash reserves to cover three income-free months in the event of an emergency or major strategic overhaul?
  4. Does your current income meet your needs or expectations?
  5. Are you pleased with the impact your practice is having on your community or do you envision something greater?

If answering some of these questions was challenging or caused you to think twice, you might need to find yourself a chiropractic business hat. The Chiropractic Business Academy helps chiropractors find their way through the process of developing a successful business plan that will give them the ability to answer in the affirmative all the questions.

Most CBA graduates are soon able to breeze happily through the first four questions with question five well within sight.

How Do You Fit Chiropractic and Business Together?

CBA explores the principles behind successful chiropractic businesses, examining the building blocks and the commercial tools chiropractors need to overcome obstacles and to lay a firm and prosperous foundation.

CBA clients learn the science behind understanding, building and managing chiropractic clinics and how they can implement processes and systems that will enable them to choose how their practices are run and how to make room for expansion.

CBA course topics include: hiring, training and motivating staff; clinic organization; selling; retention; collecting and managing money; quality control; management of ineffective employees; monitoring industry trends; promotion; marketing; extending clinic reach to communities outside the current coverage area; expansion strategies; legal processes; contract negotiations; acquiring property; and maintenance.

CBA coaches teach these concepts and strategies using organized, easily understandable methods for efficient learning and effective application in your practice.

The standardized instruction and apprenticeship system is proven to work in every situation when implemented correctly. CBA’s system differs from other poorly organized, haphazardously arranged programs that fail to deliver on promised results.

CBA’s powerful strategic business tools and methodologies lead to sizeable expansion of chiropractors’ practices even during economic downturns. CBA guarantees new clients will double their program investment within the first 12 months.

To learn more about the Chiropractic Business Academy and its guarantee of success, call 888-989-0855 to speak with a consultant or visit Having trouble with specific problems, ask for a Free Practice Trouble Shoot. Keep on dreaming of the best chiropractic practice. Your dream is only a call away.

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