Rewarding The Right Person

Improper staff development can sabotage your practice and put your business on the skids.

One of the biggest killers of morale and growth in your practice is the way some chiropractors attempt to manage and motivate their staff. Rewarding declining production leads to greater declines in production. Put another way, promoting bad work habits produces more bad work habits.

Underperforming Employees

Let’s say you have an insurance biller who has had a tough week. You sympathize and attempt to motivate the employee by acknowledging the situation. You provide reassurance and attempt to encourage the employee.

To reduce stress levels, you allow the employee to take a day off. A week later, the insurance biller’s production levels are still low. The day off and the reassurances had little effect.

Exceptional Staff Members

On the other hand, an employee who handles both front-desk and marketing duties is producing outstanding results. Well, that’s just her job, you might be thinking. You tacitly acknowledge her good work – maybe with a smile.

On occasion, you provide your employees with special perks, such as use of your business’ car, treatment coupons or other special privileges. You reassign the privileges to the insurance biller hoping it might motivate him to work harder. Your market and front-desk employee doesn’t understand the signals that decision sends.

Another week passes, the biller is still underperforming and the numbers for your marketer are now down.

The principle works on the political level. Governments that reward or accommodate bad behavior eventually fail while those that reward top achievers and high performers succeed.

Changing the Game

If you reverse the pattern, your practice will start producing. Rewarding top achievers tends to create more achievement, and discouraging underachievement creates similar results: the desire to become more productive.

However, judging production levels must be based on hard facts, not arbitrary assessments, rumors or even subjective analysis. Running a successful practice depends on analyzing staff performance based on documented and measurable numbers.

Rewarding hard work and penalizing lack of productivity infuse your practice with energy and excitement. Staff members start recognizing that their efforts are appreciated and valued.

Changing the managerial framework has revived slumping practices, leading to happier employees, contented patients and greater bottom lines.

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